Civics Service Project

Last Saturday I had decided to help out Dunedin’s little beach. So my friend and I took garbage bags and gloves, and we started working. After 2 hours of work, the small strip of sand looked much better. Before we started the beach was littered with plastic bags, fishing line, fishing weights, bottle caps, styrofoam cups, and plastic bottles. Once we had finished cleaning, the beach looked as if it was untouched by civilization. It felt great to know that my friend and I had helped our community in a way.

My service project helped both animals, and humans. When we threw away garbage like plastic bags we prevented wild animals from eating it and dying. Animals suck as turtles and seagulls could have died from those bags. Also when we pick up bottle caps we prevented birds from choking. We helped people as well because most people like a clean beach. In conclusion we helped the whole community just from 2 hours of work.